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Writing is narrating

What happens when the letter becomes an image and vice versa? Type Sailor aims to help form a better visual environment through memorable books, seductive posters and editorial objects that fulfill their function of democratizing culture.

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Como piedra en el agua - Diego Caballero

Unclassifiable narrative fiction within a specific literary genre, as it alludes to a multiplicity of liquid stories that can well be seen from the perspective of the story or a novel in which we can glimpse multiple universes of this city, chaotic and rainy Bogotá that bring voices from beyond. In these hazy and dreamy stories, the characters get lost in an infinite reflection between the dreamlike and reality. Framed between the mystical, mythical and mythological; In this literary work, knowledge, codes, and worldviews are interwoven perceived from the historical, philosophical, and holistic plane, but above all from the human. Buy it at Quillango Editores .

Más allá de la ruta de la seda - Víctor Godoy

In this series of essays, we can identify that the Silk Road of China is constituted as an invisible thread, which runs through commerce, culture, and knowledge as Víctor Alejandro Godoy makes us see in this work entitled Beyond the Silk Road: Digitization Strategies in China. Although the compass, gunpowder, paper and printing have been relevant elements for humanity, this project is not static, but on the contrary, in this first route, the writer shows us that through the metaphor of the silkworm and its slowly spreading threads and the production of this input allowed the development of communication routes between different continents, giving glimpses of globalization. Buy it at Quillango Editores.


¡A prueba de Bullying! Juliana Cortés Gómez

How many texts are there about bullying ? It is possibly a fairly broad topic, but the truth is that there are very few who speak directly about the victims. Juliana Cortés presents this work precisely from the perspective of the victims of bullying , not in a plaintive tone but quite the opposite: through exercises and reflections, she seeks that whoever has suffered from bullying in their life can rebuild their self-perception through forgiveness and strengthening self-esteem. See it on Behance .


The Gravity Of Light - Ed Santella

This is Edward Santella's first book. Don't believe what you see, hear or touch. And most of all, don't believe the truth. The United Economies is on the brink of collapse. The global information network has proclaimed itself as a sentient being, calling itself EVE.

EVE promises to give humanity what they have been dreaming of since the beginning of time: immortality. In return, they must accept that the network's reasoning is the only "truth." But EVE already has enemies. Someone or something who claims to be the Virgin Mary - and performs miracles to prove it - warns that EVE is an incarnation of Satan, that her followers are sorcerers and must be destroyed. You can buy it here and see it on Behance


MAMA Festival

Project together with the artist Mateo Rivano. We were commissioned to create the poster and the schedule for the Colombian representation at the MaMA in France, in the Franco-Colombian year. Our concept was to create an image that could show the vibrancy and colorful point of view of Colombian landscapes and their music, from punk to cumbia to hip hop.

See it on Behance



Tipocartografismo is a completely handmade book; its concept comes from the old atlases of the century of discoveries. The idea is simple: use as a metaphor between islands (cartography) and letters (typography). In this way, each island is unique, with a monster and a ship. There are 4 chapters: Rome, Arabia, Middle Ages and France. See it on Behance


Hello Yak - El Camino

What is a dream? It is this. Our friend Lina Posada is a great singer (besides being a great person). We have been working on this idea since 2017, when we talked about our shared taste for Road Movies. We hope you like this project as much as we liked creating it. Listen to the album here and watch it on Behance


Leonardo Correa commissioned us his debut feature La Empresa Familiar. A book that explains in a surprisingly simple way what an entity like the one described in the title is and how to manage it. I wanted to resolve the issue of the notes by placing them as close to their position in the text as possible. The idea arose from medieval glosses, where copyists could comment on the texts they were transcribing. Helvetica Neue and Garamond Premier Pro are the true stars of this book. See it on Behance .

La Empresa Familiar - Leonardo Correa

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